Rules To Be A Dinosaur!

1. Dinosaurs legs are positioned under their bodies, like their living descendants- the birds. The hole in their hip socket permits this upright stance.



2. Dinosaurs have a extra hole in the skull between the eye socket and nostril. They also had 2 holes behind the eye socket, which were muscle attachment sites. The extra holes assisted in weight reduction, temperature control, and jaw strength.
Tyrannosaurus rex
3. Dinosaurs are archosaurs, that lived 230-65 million years ago during the Mesozoic Era. The fossils WMNH paleontologists study are from the Permian Era that are 287 million years old! That’s 50 million years older than the first dinosaurs! We study the famous fin-backed Dimetrodon who is NOT A DINOSAUR. Dimetrodon is called a synapsid. Seymour, Texas is the best place in whole world to study Dimetrodon and other animals that are found in the Permian.