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Past Present Future 2025 Museum Expansion


As the WMNH successfully broadens its science education reach well beyond the classroom walls, it has reached its spatial limits and is excited to announce the 2025 Expansion Program. Due to the museum’s rapid success and increase in guests reached through a multitude of programming, the WMNH is in need of additional space in order to satisfy greater demands for educational programming and museum exhibits. The proposed expansion would provide additional space for the three key elements of the museum’s success: exhibits, educational programming, and paleontological research. New exhibits will include the Hall of Mammals, displaying both present-day and prehistoric representations. The WMNH will also be expanding the Paleontology Preparation Lab to include more space for research and education programming.

We have come a long way in 10 years and it has been an honor representing Seymour, Texas in the museum industry and the field of paleontology. A decade of incredible fossils and research is second to the immense smiles we get from the families and guests that experience a world-class museum. The planning and development by my team and the WMNH board of directors have created a beautiful museum, and the future will be a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the progress of this project. Donations are greatly appreciated as we continue this incredible journey.

Christopher Flis

WMNH Museum Director / Paleontologist

More details coming soon!

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Expansion! final stages

we are so close to our financial goals to give our community a world-class museum experience!

donations to help us complete our dinosaur size project are greatly appreciated!!

We’ve officially broken ground! We will have more information about the expansion in the coming months.

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