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The limited production, highest quality 3D scanned and printed cast of the jaw bone of Myria the Dimetrodon


We’re the only institution selling high-quality Permian casts that are anatomically correct. They’re not made in house, so we do have to pay more for them; the proceeds go toward our fundraiser that will fund our museum expansion and benefit the small surrounding towns.


Produced by the world famous and highly talented Evelyn Vollmer, the exceptional, museum quality cast preserves the impeccable detail of the teeth and their fine serrations.

Myria the Dimetrodon Maxilla

Out of Stock
  • Copyright Policy

    The work is a product of artistry, artwork, and preparation of the WMNH and Evelyn Vollmer. As such it is protected under the United States and International Copyright laws.

    Any duplication of the work without the written authorization of the copyright holder(s) is not permitted and is subject to civil and criminal prosecution, excluding the following:

    1. Buyer may capture media of the work for use in buyer’s promotion, advertising, and marketing, except where such use creates consumer merchandise.

    2. Buyer may capture media of the work for use in the buyer’s interpretive media.

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